Mobile App Creation


The World Should Be This Responsive Android, iOS, Windows are the major operating systems, and any mobile app we create can work with any operating system.One of the disadvantages of some mobile apps is that they slow down over time and stuck them.Moreover, some mobile apps have features that do not work with [...]

Music Track Store


Given the competitiveness of the music industry, Mr.Suranga Weerawardhana wanted to create a website  for people who love music. There are a lot of music websites in Sri Lanka but if you want to get only the original music track of a song, there are very few sources available.He saw this as an excellent business [...]

E Commerce Web Project


Chinese business, known as, created an online buying and selling website to expand its business from Their main purpose was to enable people to buy and sell whatever they wanted.Anything you want can be delivered to your home in China via order, anything you want can be delivered to your home in China via [...]