Project Description

Given the competitiveness of the music industry, Mr.Suranga Weerawardhana wanted to create a website  for people who love music. There are a lot of music websites in Sri Lanka but if you want to get only the original music track of a song, there are very few sources available.He saw this as an excellent business opportunity and came to us looking for a viable solution for the occasion, having fully understood his need, we set out to fulfill his hope. His main aim was to make  easy to find music tracks in all the songs from the old music tracks that are not heard in Sri Lanka through this website.He wanted to create this including with very rare music track, and the free download feature is also available to music lovers. At this moment his site is gaining in popularity among a large number of users.
Nowadays, most talented music lovers are trying to use their voices to sing old songs into their own new style. This web site is used by people who sell old music tracks to find music tracks that are not in their collection.Moreover, in most schools, dharma schools,pre-schools are easily available for pre-ordering music tracks for various concerts. the founder of the website mainly expected to this should be a must for all music lovers in Sri Lanka and covering the music for different events.This site has attracted more people than he expected.This is a great help to the music industry to keep the music tracks for future generations , songs that you hope to hear in the future will protect through this website.