Project Description

The business that started by Nimal who chose to complete the POS systems and software needed for his restaurant.His business wanted a POS system that could be operated and monitored from anywhere in the world, his business is based not only in Sri Lanka but also abroad, we wanted to create an online POS system for him to do business from anywhere in the world. He also had problems with employees who were not familiar with the technology and we were able to create this system with simplicity.The main reason for his choice was his ability to monitor through  any device, unlimited data storage, and access to cash or cards as he or she did not need to buy operating equipment as they expanded into branches of the business.Not only that, but the maintenance of this POS equipment and the increased capacity available have also contributed to his business success.Now he can transact with anyone in the world in a transparent manner and send a quotation or invoice easily and quickly via email.Due to these facilities, he has acquired an extensive business network which he has come to expect.