Project Description

Project Brief

A logo for a business is one of the most important aspects of a business’s identity and communication with world. is the leader in business logo making and concept developing  Mr. Sandaru Wickrama is one from the our customers who have come to our company to create a logo for his business creatively to suit his brand name. we design and created an unforgettable uncommon logo for his textile business, now he is one of our happy customers.

The Challenge

In local 90% of consumers come to us with an imagination regarding their need that is only in their minds, so as creators, we must be talented in bringing that imagination to a flat surface and it is a huge challenge with business world. Most logo designers do not have this skill and consumers are not satisfied with their design.Because of this, the customer will eventually go to another logo maker. Such errors can loss you time, money and the image of your business.

The Solution

Customers always expect best output,before that we have to read their mind and realize what they need,after pass that challenge we can create a logo to match their business name.The solution or output to the customer should always be smart, smart means it must be special creation, measurable size, achievable price, real idea, time limitation of creation.Because we always understand what’s on the mind of the customer, we are able to ensure our customers’ satisfaction.

Conceptual Design Samples

The Skills Needed To Produce Brand Excellence

Graphic Design

Color Seperation when make a creation is always essential for an attractive and different output.


When creating any design, we have to create a illustration for it. if there is an illustration, that will be able to do easily.

Design Mockups

Any creativity will eventually have its meaning and we can highlight it in words or shapes easily.

Brand Strategy

There are number of methods and strategies to send a brand logo to the consumers and publish among them

Final Result & Client Satisfaction

A year before I started my business, I thought I needed a nice logo if i need to make it famous.

Jeshani Herath Gamage, J MART

A year before I started my business, I thought I needed a nice logo if i need to make it famous.My name is not popular in the country but everyone in my country knows my jewellery business.

Sureni Almeida